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Nurse's Station and Surgeon Scrub Area

Floor-Mounted, Siphon Jet Service Sink with Antimicrobial Glaze
Wall Mount Blowout Service Sink with Antimicrobial Glaze
Exposed Flush Valve with Bedpan Washer for Water Closets
Widespread with 8" Gooseneck and 4" Wrist Blade Handles.
Deck-Mounted 8" Gooseneck Spout
Plate Type System Water Coolers
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Aqua-Gard® Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Spill Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Stainless Steel Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly
Copper Crimp Ring
Zurn® Pex Non-Barrier Tubing
Qick Sert CR® Tee
Body Assembly with "Type SZ" Leveling Strainer
"Level-Trol" Square Adjustable Leveling Floor Cleanout
Body Assembly with Type "BZ" Leveling Strainer
Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain