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Nurse's Station and Surgeon Scrub Area

Floor-Mounted, Siphon Jet Service Sink
Wall Mount Blowout Service Sink
Exposed Flush Valve with Bedpan Washer for Water Closets
Widespread with 8" Gooseneck and 4" Wrist Blade Handles.
Deck-Mounted 8" Gooseneck Spout
Plate Type System Water Coolers
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Aqua-Gard® Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Spill Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Stainless Steel Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly
Copper Crimp Ring
Zurn® Pex Non-Barrier Tubing
Qick Sert CR® Tee
Body Assembly with "Type SZ" Leveling Strainer
"Level-Trol" Square Adjustable Leveling Floor Cleanout
Body Assembly with Type "BZ" Leveling Strainer
Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain