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Public Restrooms

Bariatric Carrier - 1,000 lb. Adjustable Horizontal Siphon Jet No-Hub
1.1 gpf or greater - Elongated Wall Hung EcoVantage® Flush Valve Water Closet
Exposed Sensor Operated Battery Powered Flush Valve for Water Closets
Concealed Arm System for Wall Lavatories with Adjustable Uprights and Header Plates
Wall Hung Lavatory
Wall Hung Lavatory
AquaSense® "A" Battery Powered Lavatory Faucet
AquaSense® "A" Battery Powered Lavatory Faucet
Shoktrol Water Hammer Arrestor
Body Assembly with Type "BZ" Leveling Strainer
“Level-Trol” Adjustable Cleanout with Leveling Adjustment
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly
Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free Aqua-Gard® Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Zurn® Pex Non-Barrier Tubing
Copper Crimp Ring
Qick Sert CR® Tee