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Zurn Engineered Water Solutions® manufactures the largest breadth of floor drains in the industry with a design for every application.

Thoroflush Drain
Thoroflush Drain
Vandal Proof Access Drain
Thoroflush Drain Large Capacity
Refrigerator Drain
Prison Cell Floor Drain
10" Solid Hinged Light-Duty Drain
8" Adjustable Heavy-Duty Drain
Vertical Wall Drain with Backwater Valve
12" [305] Extra Heavy-Duty Drain
Ground Water Containment Drain
9" Diameter Fountain Drain Medium-Duty
Recreational Vehicle Sanitary Dumping Drain
Thoroflush Drain Large Capacity
9" [229] Diameter Medium- Duty Drain
8" [203mm] Heavy-Duty Adjustable Drain
12" X 12"Heavy-Duty Drain with Internal Trap
Heavy-Duty Catch Basin Drain Single Outlet
Heavy-Duty Catch Basin Drain with Outlet and Inlet