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14 9/32 Diameter Siphonic Main Roof Drain
15" Diameter Main Green Roof Drain with Perforated Screen Assembly
15" Diameter Deep Sump 45° Outlet Roof Drain with Low Silhouette Dome
Main Area Roof Drain
20" Diameter Main Roof Drain Low Silhouette Dome
15" Diameter Deck Drain
8 3/8" Diameter Combination Main Roof and Overflow Drain with Low Silhouette Domes and Double Top-Set® Deck Plate
6 X 7 OR 8 X 12 Oblique Scupper Drain
Downspout Nozzle
Roof Hydrant - Exposed Head, Non-Freeze
135° Scupper Drain
Control Flo Roof Drain
Vandal Proof Hooded Vent Cap
Roof Drain
6" Diameter Cornice Drain