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Retrofit and Replacement: Common Practices 

When retrofitting and replacing parts within a plumbing system, the first inclination may be to simply replace like with like. However, a deeper analysis of the system may expose inefficiencies that can be remedied by replacing old, uneconomical, or damaged parts with new, cost-effective, high-quality ones.
It is important to understand the overall goal of your project in order to maximize the benefits of retrofitting and replacing parts within your plumbing system.
Here are a few steps that can be taken to help ensure that a retrofit and replacement project provides as much value as it can:

  • Retrofit new, longer-lasting internal parts and components to upgrade performance and reduce downtime in existing flush valves and faucets.
  • Retrofit existing high-water usage urinal and toilet systems with innovative water conserving systems.
  • Replace existing water control products with a "lower life cycle cost" and strong "total cost of ownership" backflow preventer.