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ZurnSpecSM Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZurnSpecSM?
ZurnSpec is a comprehensive source for all of your specification needs, offering a robust platform featuring free state of-the-art tools designed to save time and money while bringing your project spec together. ​

What is a Master Specification?
A master specification is a comprehensive library of products selected by an engineering or design firm for the full range of their product applications. The intention of a master spec is to be edited to remove product types that are not applicable to a specific design project.

​What is a Proprietary Master Specification?
A master specification that includes only Zurn products and no approved equals is considered proprietary.

What is a Basis-of-Design Master Specification?
A master specification that includes specific Zurn products listed as Basis-of-Design (gold standard) with or without others being listed as approved equals is considered a base model.

What does it mean to be listed in a Master Specification?
A master specification that includes Zurn as an approved equal or alternate is considered listed.

​What is a Project Specification?
A project specification is a specification created for a specific job or project. In some cases, a project specification maybe created from a design or engineering firm’s master specification or it may be created from scratch. A project specification details only those products that are applicable to the project under design.​

What is MasterSpec?
MasterSpec is a comprehensive library of specifications that covers over 1700 sections in full-length, short form, and outline formats. MasterSpec specifications are customizable and include qualitative product overviews, editing instructions, reference standards, manufacturer and product comparisons, drawing coordination and specification checklists.

What is Product MasterSpec?
Product MasterSpec is a free program that provides an individual section of MasterSpec using Zurn as the Basis-of-Design throughout the document.  This can be run in Microsoft Word and does not require the user to license or install Masterworks.