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Specification Bundles
  Specification Bundles
One of the benefits of Zurn's product offering is the ability to specify a complete   
Zurn package.  Below is a listing of some of our most common specification bundles and the information needed to begin specifying them today.







Water Closets
Wall Mounted   High Efficiency​ ​​   Wall Mounted ​  Healthcare
Z5615.043.01.1​2.00​ ​   Z5755.095.00
   Z5314​​.525.1.07.E6.0 ​​   Z5410.005.46.00
Z5615.381.01.91.00 ​   Z5755.205.00
   Z5324.921.1.07.E6.0 ​   Z5468.06.421.7.19.04
Z5616.    Z5755​​.359.00 ​​   Z5324.608.   Service Sink​s
Z5691.  ​Standard​ ​​   Z5341.913.1.07.E6.0 ​​   Z5410.005.46.00
Floor Mounted​    Z5730​​.095.00    Z5344​​.546.1.07.E6.0 ​   Z5468.06.421.7.19.04​
Z5646. ​  Waterless ​​   Z5344.550.1.07.E6.0    Z5850.04.750.0.00.07
​Z5655.    Z5795​.000.00 ​​   Z5344.920.1.07.E6.0 ​   Z5898.
Z5665. ​​   Z5358.532.1.07.E6.0
Z5666.    Z5844​​.545.1.07.E6.0
Z5670.   Drop In​​​​
Two-Piece    Z5111.018.1.07.E6.5​
Z5551.    Z5124​​.520.1.07.E6.5