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Why Retrofit and Replacement?

Reducing energy and maintenance costs is the basis for most retrofit and replacement projects. Early in the process the question is asked, What is the Return on Investment or ROI? This would include: the current cost of the part or product; the true cost of installation; the savings in energy over time; the savings in future maintenance over time; the increased value in productivity, service, and labor; and the increased life expectancy of the product. 

Some parts and products are engineered with features to facilitate the retrofit process and reduce total installation cost, increasing the ROI. These designed features can limit the negative exposure to costly adaptors or demolition, reduce labor time, and increase the likelihood of a quality installation, as well as eliminating the need for special tools or expensive equipment.   

Many of today’s products provide a greater return on investment than their outdated forbearers could allow. The Zurn offering of products provide greater efficiency in a number of ways. Zurn water-saving products help to combat ever-rising water and sewage rates while preserving earth’s most precious resource. Innovative sensor products keep energy costs low through the use of Environmental Trending Technology and self-sustaining power generation.

The Zurn Wilkins line of backflow products are designed to save money by providing lowest life-cycle costs over the life of product with the capability for in-line repairs, the availability of low-cost repair kits, and easy-to-perform maintenance, resulting in lower labor costs to the customer over the life of the products.

No matter what your project requires – bringing your older building up to newer codes, providing a more modern look to a dated interior, or reducing energy and maintenance costs – Zurn offers a breadth of products to suit your needs.​