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Available Now
Serio Series

The Aqua-FIT® Advantage

When it comes to restroom design and development, it's important to plan for the future and for the unexpected. With the new Aqua-FIT faucet system, upgrading or replacing your commercial faucets has never been easier.

Selecting the new Zurn Aqua-​FIT platform gives you the confidence of knowing your bathrooms will always look​ new, extending the useful life of the restroom without the big expense of a complete redesign. No need to worry about the plumbing underneath when you want to replace a damaged faucet or change to a new design, just one simple tool will do the trick.


Key Features of Aqua-FIT System

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Concealed Aerator

  • Water conserving options with LEED flow rates of 0.5 to 0.35 gpm

Sensor Lens

  • Intelligent sensor lens built for environments that require durability and flexibility

Screw lock and detent

  • New Aqua-FIT mount and inline spout construction for easy installation and retrofitting

Control Box

  • Time: 5sec | 10sec | 30sec | 60sec | 20min
  • Purge: Disable | 12hrs | 24hrs | 48hrs
  • Mode: Sensoring Mode | Metering Mode
  • Sensor Range: Normal | 10% | 20% | 30%

Battery Compartment

  • Low touch maintenance with a 10 year Lithium ion battery

Universal Mounting Bracket

  • Durable all cast brass design and mounting spout


  • Multiple designs that are modern and suitable for any commercial application




Available Now
Serio Series

The FIT System

Design today - plan for tomorrow with the Zurn Aqua-FIT® Sensor Faucet System. The all new Zurn Aqua-FIT Sensor Faucet System features Flexible Installation Technology (FIT) for easy upgrade or retrofit with just one simple tool.

Aqua-FIT Tool

Tools Required

1 - 3/32" allen wrench

Aqua-FIT Step 1

Step 1

Disconnect wire connection from the
below-deck electronics

Aqua-FIT Step 2

Step 2

Identify the setscrew and ball detent located on the back of the faucet base

Aqua-FIT Step 3

Step 3

Loosen the setscrew using a 3/32" allen wrench

Aqua-FIT Step 4

Step 4

Depress the ball detent and lift the spout up and off the shank

Aqua-FIT Step 5

Step 5

Slowly lift the faucet up over the base
Note: Be careful with the wire for the
below-deck electronics

Aqua-FIT Step 6

Step 6

Remove faucet completely from sink

Customer Benefits of the Aqua-FIT® System

The Zurn Aqua-FIT ​Sensor Faucet System is designed to meet the highest standards of our customers. The new FIT technology system features elegant spout designs, enhanced quality, and superior performance.

  • Field adjustable time-outs, sensor range, and line purge settings that will adapt to various environment
  • Multiple designs that will appeal to any environment
  • Energy saving electronics and sensors for a sustainable 10-year lithium ion battery
Building Owner
  • The new concealed sensor lens and aerator reduces vandalism costs
  • Water conserving options with LEED flow rates of 0.5 / 0.35 gpm
  • Low touch maintenance with an optional 10-year lithium battery
  • New Aqua-FIT mount and inline spout construction for easy installation and retrofitting
  • All cast brass design and mounting for durability
  • The best comprehensive warranty on brass and fixture products across the industry

Aqua-FIT® Faucet – Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Zurn?

Zurn Engineered Water Solutions® is a recognized leader in commercial, municipal, and industrial markets, delivering sustainable building solutions for new construction and retrofit applications. At Zurn we are committed to providing smart solutions that save both time and money. Our goal is serving the customer through innovation, continuous improvement, and assurance behind every installation. Choose Zurn for a reliable, recognized manufacturer to supply your entire installation, from behind the wall rough-in, to finish trim product and fixture systems.

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Do you need additional parts or hardware when installing these faucets?

No, all components and assembly hardware are included with each product. The electronics all mount in line with the faucet spout shank.

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What is your lowest flow outlet or aerator that can be paired with these faucets?

The lowest flow rate that Zurn can provide is 0.35 gpm which exceeds the 20% water savings on a 0.5gpm required for LEED accreditation.

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If I wanted to update or change my faucet, would I need to purchase an entirely new faucet with all new electronics?

No, with the new Aqua-FIT system the ease, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of updating faucet designs can be done by simply uninstalling the spout only, and a new design will fit right onto the common modular base system.

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What type of energy sustainability can these products provide?

These faucets can be specified or ordered with an optional lithium ion long-life battery upgrade that will last 10+ years (typical alkaline battery life is around 3 years).

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Will these sensor faucets be lead law compliant?

Yes, all faucet products moving forward will comply with the following IAPMO standards:

  • Performance Requirements
  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
  • NSF 61 Section 9
  • NSF 372

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Will this faucet system be able to accommodate multiple time-out options?

Yes, this system will allow for factory or field adjustable time-out options for standard 30 seconds, 5 second, 10 second, 15 second, 60 second, or extended time-out (20 min).

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Will this faucet system have the ability for line purge?

Yes, which will also be able to be adjusted at the factory or in the field and set to:

  • 12 hour / 2 min run time
  • 24 hour / 2 min run time
  • 38 hour / 2 min run time

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What power options will this faucet system offer?

Aqua-FIT will be offered in standard alkaline battery (4 AA's), DC plug in, hardwired, or lithium-ion 10-year power.

New Aqua-FIT® Sensor Faucet from Zurn Stands Tall in Raleigh's CapTrust Tower

A lot of important business in Raleigh takes place at CapTrust Tower, which opened in 2009 and stands taller than any other building in the city. The first of several office buildings for the new North Hills development, CapTrust Tower is 17 stories high, encompassing 300,000 square feet of mixed-use Class A office space, plus retail and restaurants. It achieved LEED® Gold certification.

“We love the look of the Zurn faucets and we definitely are pleased that the Aqua-FIT faucet provides an improved flow as desired.”

-George Boyette, Chief Engineer
Kane Realty Corporation
Raleigh, NC