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Water Efficiency

Our Mission

We aspire to provide the safest and most efficient water solutions to protect human health and the environment.

conservation without sacrifice

While these may seem like the same thing – as both achieve the goal of using less water – each is a different approach to water savings.

Water Conservation is a beneficial reduction in water loss or waste through practices that use less water: for example, turning off the water while brushing your teeth.

Water Efficiency is the minimization of the amount of water used to accomplish a task: for example, a toilet that flushes using the least amount of water necessary.

We've provided water-efficiency training to 1,000 municipal agencies and utilities, as well as 10,000 building owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. Our training focuses on reducing water use through efficient products and practices, with the goal of saving 114 billion gallons of water over the next decade.

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Zurn Flush Valve

Innovation RealizedRetrofit and Building Life Cycle

We integrate our “Product Solutions” seamlessly with your platforms in order to increase the longevity of a building’s life cycle and improve water efficiency.

No matter what your project requires – bringing your older building up to newer codes, providing a more modern look to a dated interior, or reducing energy and maintenance costs – Zurn offers the breadth of product to suit your needs.


Exceeding expectations

  • Radiant Heating Systems provide greater comfort while using less energy
  • Large capacity grease interceptors with 30-year warranty
  • Backflow - Easier start-up and flushing, faster maintenance, winterizing, repair and testing
  • Committed to lead-free product offering
Zurn Flush Valve

Doing more with less

  • The Pint® 0.125 gpf urinal systems yield 88% water savings (vs. 1.0 gpf)
  • 1.1 gpf toilet systems yield 31% water savings (vs. 1.6 gpf)
  • Low flow faucet aerators and shower heads provide 50% savings options
  • Long Life 10-year battery life faucet and flush valves for lower cost of maintenance

Zurn water efficiency products