Z1231 - Concealed Arm System Wall Lavatories

Z1231 - Concealed Arm System Wall Lavatories

The Zurn Z1231 concealed arm wall lavatory system used to provide structural support for wall hung lavatories.

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Features And Benefits

  • Rectangular uprights provide for rigid installation
  • 250 lb. load rating
  • Carrier code book provides users with the right configuration for the application
  • Third party certified thru IAPMO
  • Custom-length plates available to facilitate pre-fabrication applications.
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Can you purchase replacement arms for the Z1231 wall hung lavatory carrier?

  • ​Replacement carrier arms can be ordered as a lone item.  Please refer to the Zurn carrier code book online to determine which arm part number is needed for the specific fixture model you are using.  Once you identify the correct part number, you can contact your local Zurn Sales Representative to place the order.  Please follow this link to the Zurn Carrier Code Book: Zurn Carrier Code Book    

What is the load rating for a Z1231 Carrier?

  • The Z1231 carrier is tested in accordance with the ASME A112.6.1 standard.  It passes a 250 lb. load rating before reaching the maximum allowable deflection criteria of 3/8" downward and 1/8" forward.

What is the minimum chase dimension the Z1231 lavatory carrier can fit within?

  • Based on the 3-7/16" overall depth dimension, the Z1231 carrier can fit entirely within an enclosed 2" x 4" wall.  Click the link below to access the submittal sheet for additional details. http://content.zurn.com/web_documents/pdfs/specsheets/58855.pdf    
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