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Z1203-N Adjustable Horizontal Siphon Jet No-Hub Water Closet Carrier

The Z1203 wall mount water closet carrier system with horizontal fitting

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  • Maintain a sanitary environment with wall-mounted fixture
  • Adjustable carrier system
  • Standard foot provides 1/2" markings to help gauge rough-in height
  • Pre-fabrication foot options for attachment to either angle iron or strut
  • 300 lb. standard load rating

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Product FAQ

Does Zurn offer a fitting with 3" connections for the Z1203-N?

  • Yes, Zurn offers the Z1203-N style carrier for 3" connection - the NL3, NR3, and ND3.  See the following spec sheets for details: http://zurn.eriepa.us/specdrain/Product/Options/57112.pdf &http://zurn.eriepa.us/specdrain/Product/Options/57113.pdf​

What is the minimum and maximum rough-in height for the Z1203-N carrier support system?

  • The minimum rough-in height is 4-1/2", and the maximum is 9-1/2".  However, by using either the -X3 or -X4 Static Foot Extension, the minimum and maximum rough-in height of the system can be increased by an additional 3 or 4 inches respectively. 

What material is the coupling made from on the Z1203-N carrier support system?

  • The standard coupling is made from ABS plastic.  Also, a corrosion resistant cast iron coupling can also be specified by selecting the -CC option.​