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Z165 8-3/8" Diameter Combination Main Roof and Overflow Drain with Low Silhouette Domes and Double Top-Set® Deck Plate

Zurn Z165 8-3/8" diameter roof drain and overflow drain, Dura-Coated cast iron bodies with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guards, double Top-Set® deck plate, and low silhouette cast iron domes.

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  • 8-3/8" combination drain
  • Provides primary and secondary drainage in one assembly
  • Deck plate allows roof-top installation to variety of roof materials

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Can the deck plate dimensions be changed so that the drain and overflow have a different center to center distances?

  • Zurn's combination deck plates use a manufacturing process that does not easily allow for custom product, therefore, it is challenging to accommodate unique center to center distances for this product.  The user should consider using individual drains as a primary and over flow drain to accommodate the installation.  Please contact Zurn engineering for additional technical support for your application.​​