Z5755-U Omni-Flo™ Urinal

Z5755-U Omni-Flo™ Urinal

Zurn EcoVantage Omni-Flo™ Urinal accommodates multiple flow rates of 0.125 gpf to 1.0 gpf for reduced inventory carrying cost and provides 87% water consumption savings over traditional 1.0 gpf urinal systems. Featuring an innovative asymmetric back wall designed to minimize splash back, the Omni-Flo is an ideal solution for commercial new construction and retrofit applications.

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Features And Benefits

  • 0.125 gpf to 1.0 gpf flush volume
  • Innovative asymmetric back wall designed to minimize splash back
  • Paired performance with our flush valves for consistent and reliable flushing action
  • Standard footprint for new construction and retrofit applications
  • Universal retrofit bracket for easy installation
  • Z5765-U Omni- Flo™ back spud urinal available
  • WaterSense listed when paired with appropriate flush valve (0.5 gpf or less)
  • Z5755-U replaces Z5750 and Z5798-U, Z5765-U replaces Z5760 and Z5799-U
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Can manual and sensor flush valves be used on the Z5755-U?

  • Yes, manual, sensor hard wired, battery, and long-life battery flush valves can be used.  This urinal is compatible with either diaphragm or piston operated flush valves.  ​

Does the Z5755-U come standard with a universal mounting bracket and strainer?

  • Yes, the Z5755-U comes standard with a dome strainer and the same time-saving universal bracket used by the Z5798-U.  The Z5755-U also utilizes our composite spud and yoke assembly.

Does the Z5755-U replace the Z5798-U and Z5750 urinals?

  • The goal is to transition from these two models into one single SKU.  However, we will continue to have both the Z5798-U and Z5750 models available for the near term.  ​

Is the Z5755-U Available in a backspud version?

  • Yes, the backspud ​model is the Z5765-U.

Is the Z5755-U dimensional rough-in the same as the Z5798-U and Z5750?

  • Yes.  The Z5755-U can be used in a project where either model was initially roughed-in for, or formerly existed in retro-fit applications.  ​

Is the Z5755-U intended for new construction or retro-fit projects?

  • Both.  The Z5755-U can easily be installed in new construction and retro-fit projects.​ 

Is the Z5755-U WaterSense listed?

  • Yes, the Z5755-U is listed when paired with a flush valve with a flush volume equal to or less than 0.5 GPF.  ​

What flow rates does the Omni-Flo Urinal accomodate?

  • The Zurn Z5755-U accomodates all flush volumes between 0.125 - 1.0 GPF.  ​

What innovations are featured in the design of the Z5755-U Omni-Flo urinal?

  • The most ​innovative feature is the asymmetric back wall that slants to the right.  This design feature reduces splash back.  Also innovative is the compatibility with any flush valve flowing between 0.125 and 1.0 GPF while passing all flushing requirements of applicable industry standards. 
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