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ZA880-156 Aluminum Trench Drain System

Zurn ZA880-156  1-5/8” [48mm] wide reveal aluminum trench drain system. Channels are 96" [2438mm] long, 1-7/8" [48mm] wide reveal, 1-5/8" [41mm] throat, and have a 3-7/8" [98mm] invert. Channels constructed of aluminum alloy T-6063T5. Provided decorative bronze grate is rated for class A loading.

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  • Saves labor up to 75% – lightweight durable aluminum construction
  • Bolted, gasketed connections
  • Anodized aluminum can be custom color matched
  • USA Configurable
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Product FAQ

Can more than one ZA880-156 be put together to form a longer run?

  • Yes, this can be done.  A -JC joint connecter is needed in order to accomplish this.

Does Zurn offer an end outlet for the ZA880-156?

  • Yes, we offer a 1-1/2" end outlet.​