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The Zurn Wilkins ZW215FP Fire Pump Suction Control Valve controls the suction pressure to a Fire Pump, preventing cavitation and potential backflow conditions. Standard features ease maintenance and repair to provide the lowest ownership costs.

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  • Maintains a minimum inlet pressure to a Fire Protection Pump, preventing cavitation
  • Wye strainer and epoxy coating come standard to simplify maintenance and provide corrosion resistance
  • 150 class flanged, 300 class flanged, grooved, and threaded end connections available for installation versatility
  • Globe and angle bodies available
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Does the ZW215FP release water when it is in the closed position?

  • ​Yes.  There is a small discharge when the valve goes into the closed position.  The amount of discharge is very minute, and can easily be directed to a floor drain.  For more product information, please visit our web site at:http://www.zurn.com/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?NodeKey=428568