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Sandy, debris laden water systems result in frequent strainer cleanings. The 600XL, with its separate strainer cap allows for rapid cleaning.

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  • Designed for high flow capacity in residential and commercial water applications
  • Integral strainer is easily cleaned with the removal of one cap
  • Low-lead Law compliant
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Water is coming out around the adjustment bolt of my Pressure Reducing Valve. What does this mean, and how do I correct the problem?

  • ​Water coming out around the adjusment bolt indicates diaphragm failure.  The diaphragm must be replaced.  Additionally, when the diaphragm fails, it is probable that other rubber components have deteriorated.  Therefore, a complete repair kit should be procured.  Change all of the internal components within the Pressure Reducing Valve to ensure proper funtion and longevity. For mor product information, please visit our web site athttp://www.zurn.com/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?NodeKey=424776  Applicable products 70, 70XL, 600, 600XL, 500, 500XL, 90, NR3, NR3XL