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The Zurn Wilkins XT Thermal Expansion Tank is designed for installation on potable water lines between the backflow preventer or pressure reducing valve and the water heater to protect against water thermal expansion.

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  • Diaphragm style tank for residential applications
  • Steel shell protected with polypropylene liner
  • Pre-charge is field adjustable
  • Low-lead law compliant
Lead Free
Zurn Wilkins

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What pressure should a Thermal Expansion Tank be pressurized to when it is installed?

  • ​Thermal Expansion Tanks should be pressurized to the same pressure that the Pressure Reducing Valve is set to.  In cases where there is no Pressure Reducing Valve, set the tank pressure to the same pressure as the incoming water supply.

Will a Thermal Expansion Tank function in any position?

  • ​A Thermal Expansion Tank will function properly in any position.  Care must be exercised when installing a tank in any position other than hanging from the pipe.  The tank should be properly braced to prevent damage to the supply nipple due to the weight of the tank when full of water.