Stadium for the Masses

What does it take to build a stadium that’s as awe-inspiring today as it was a decade ago? Ask the professionals behind AT&T Stadium – where America’s Team calls home. The sports and entertainment venue supports over four million guests each year beyond the gridiron pastime, including college sports, soccer games, monster trucks, rodeos, concerts, and world-class events. The dedication to exceptional quality shines through with every spotlight.

Keeping Things Flowing

Fans flow through the stadium doors to fill up the stands, game after game, show after show, event after event. The 100,000 capacity seats guests ranging from motor enthusiasts to concert goers to every Cowboy fan in between. All that foot traffic adds up to repeated wear and tear on equipment throughout the premises, especially in the restrooms. No one experiences that day in and out more than Scott Woodrow, who leads his team as director of engineering at AT&T Stadium.

“The Cowboys bring 80,000 to 100,000 people to each home game, said Scott Woodrow, AT&T Stadium Director of Engineering. AT&T Stadium is used so much more than that. It’s a constant flow of all different types of people – with that you’re getting a lot of usage of fixtures. The ability to keep the restrooms going and have a great fan experience no matter what event is going here is very important. Every event, every fan experience, should be the same, so these flush valves just need to constantly work.”

– Scott Woodrow, AT&T Stadium Director of Engineering

Consistent Performance

AT&T Stadium opened its retractable roof and doors back in May 2009. The building consists of approximately 2,000 flush valves. Since inception, Woodrow and his team experience less maintenance from the flush valves throughout all the women’s and men’s restrooms. In fact, to date, they’ve never had a fixture fail where it didn’t flush.

“It’s been kind of amazing to me how Zurn has weathered the storm for ten years with the volume and variety of people. Despite the abuse fixtures take, they’ve lasted. We’ve never changed a Zurn fixture out. The flush valves are all the same since day one. Overall, they’ve been just rock solid. Zurn flush valves are what a flush valve should be. You put them in, they work, you don’t have to worry about them.”

Putting the Fans First

Looking ahead, it's all about the fans and their user experience.

“Going forward we’re looking at water conservation and automation. We’re always trying to improve the user experience – the fan experience.”

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