Healthcare Facility for Athletes of All Ages

Aptly located in Frisco at the Star District, Baylor Scott & White changes the game in healthcare services. Not just for athletes, but for everyone at any age. This is where leading healthcare professionals carry out their research and care for patients. It’s also where athletes condition, recover, and rebuild.

Strengthening Community

The 300,000 square-foot, nine-story facility is impressive. The impact it’s making on the community is even more so. Baylor Scott & White teams up with the Dallas Cowboys and Frisco school district to make it a hands-on place to play sports, whether you’re a pro or one in the making. It’s also where anyone can turn for world-class care.

Focusing on Performance

Performance drives every decision behind Baylor Scott & White. That includes the building’s plumbing systems. Baylor Scott & White specified Zurn’s advanced water solutions, including drainage, fixtures, valves, and more. Every plumbing product delivers improved water efficiency, safety and control, and reliable performance.

Home Team Advantage

Baylor Scott & White built its facility to give patients the very best, and in return, help them be theirs. The Frisco community need not look further than its backyard.

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