The Lindley, San Diego, CA
Luxury Apartment Complex

Opening 2024
422 Unit High Rise
Builder: Toll Brothers
Plumbing Contractor: Collins Plumbing


Plumbing Contractor: Collins Plumbing

Products Used

Zurn PEX® Expansion Tubing ½" through 2" - used in combination with CPVC pipe and fittings
Zurn Wilkins 4" 475 Backflow
Zurn Wilkins 2" 975XL2 Backflow
Zurn Wilkins 975XL2 Backflow
Zurn Wilkins 4" ZW209BP Automatic Control Valves
Zurn Wilkins 1 ½" ZW209BP Automatic Control Valves
Zurn Wilkins 1 ¼" ZW209BP Automatic Control Valves

The Challenge

Collins Plumbing is a commercial plumbing contractor that's been in business since 1977. In the past, they've worked with a competitor's PEX piping, but heard stories about failures and weaknesses. When a big job on a new high-profile high-rise apartment building in downtown San Diego came along, they decided it was time for a new approach.

The Solution

Collins Plumbing president Garrett Holloway said that when he started talking to Brad Owen, their Mainline Sales rep, Owen sold him on Zurn PEX. “As we started talking to Brad,” Holloway said, “Zurn was a better fit. This was our first large project we used Zurn PEX on, and it's been a great team.”

Compared to the previous product, Holloway said, “Its a superior product. We're more comfortable with it. We heard stories about the other brand, and could see the potential for those failures to happen; the quality of Zurn PEX and the team behind it have been our motivation” to switch.

While overall durability and quality of the product was the primary driver in switching, Holloway said the chemical and chloramine resistance of Zurn PEX was a bonus. “It reduces the possibility of failure, and we're more comfortable with [Zurn's PEX].”

Chloramine levels tend to be high in southern California, and can wear the chemical structure of the PEX piping down over time, but Zurn's is built to be more resistant and last longer than the competition. Owen, the Mainline Sales rep, said “our pipe is stronger and more stable; it has more density. It gives us much more strength when it comes to chlorine, recirculation and UV resistance.”

And as the Lindley building project wraps up, Holloway said there was no hesitation about using Zurn PEX on their next big project, a 200-unit addition to a nearby casino hotel.

Owen said building relationships with Collins was key to making the switch. “We really talked about the differences in Zurn PEX versus our competitor, the issues [Collins] had, and why that won't happen with Zurn products. They've been very happy, no issues whatsoever.”

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