Fort Worth ISD Thinks Savings Under the Sink

Fort Worth Independent School District spans Fort Worth, Benbrook, Westover Hills, Westworth Village and portions of Tarrant County. With 175 facilities, 21 high schools and academies, 29 middle schools, and 82 elementary schools, even a seemingly small upgrade can make a sizeable impact.

Fits the Equation

Fort Worth ISD, including the master plumbing team, works hard to do more with less – finding ways to cut costs, while still being a cut above. The ISD team chose the PHIX cartridge for being low maintenance, yet highly effective.

“The PHIX system, with its nonhazardous media, is a cost-saving measure. We don’t have to get the environmental department involved to dispose the media, as we do with a typical dilution tank. Disposing the old crushed limestone becomes a substantial cost.”

– James Cohen, Fort Worth ISD Forman

Measures Up

Not only does it cost less; it takes up less space. The master plumbing team mounted the systems under the sinks in the labs being remodeled without extra parts or piping. Tight configurations didn’t pose a problem either.

Fort Worth ISD also went with the PHIX cartridge out of consideration for the environment and classroom safety. The system neutralizes chemicals and solvents from the point of use, eliminating the risk of pollution and cross-contamination.

Replaces in Minutes

“You can take out the whole container by just removing it with a nut driver and a pair of pliers,” said David Smith, Fort Worth ISD Senior Master Plumber. “Take it out, dump the media fluid out, replace the filter, wash and rinse everything out, and put the new media in within as little as 15 minutes. You’re good to go.”