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PTR Mechanical and Zurn pool project expertise

Three decades ago, PTR Mechanical got its feet wet on a few projects with just a handful of skilled workers. It didn’t take long for the firm to find its rhythm and move full steam ahead, keeping pace with its impressive client roster. Today, PTR handles large-scale remodel and new construction projects across the US, from heavyweight fitness clubs to majestic multiplex theaters to hospitals and retail centers.

The bigger the challenge, the better equipped the growing team. The commercial plumbing, hydronic heating and piping firm separates itself from the pack through its tailored approach to design and installation. For that reason, PTR requires its partners to step up to the platform, as well.

Diving into the configuration

PTR selected Zurn for its fitness club client’s new construction projects. The manufacturer customizes its drainage solutions to meet the jobsite and customer demands – a service not always offered by providers. PTR worked with Zurn to design trench drain configurations specifically for its client’s pool deck area, location by location.

While each facility is consistent in style elements, layout and dimensions range. The club typically includes both indoor and outdoor pools – all somewhat unique in formation. Zurn flew out to PTR’s headquarters where the partners submersed themselves in the intricacies of the fitness club’s pool deck area. Every aspect was considered – slope, depth, construction. The team landed on a solution that could be plugged and chugged for the scheme, while also delivering a cost-effective, reliable drainage system.

“There are a lot of different manufacturers, but none of them could do what Zurn could. Zurn customized what we needed to make the job work. They spent the time and the money to do the research and prototypes that we could show our customer. Zurn was the only one that we could find to deliver that level of service.”

– Paul Raschner, PTR Mechanical Owner

Streamlining the installation

Once the design was finalized, PTR carried it through the final stretch. With years of making the big picture a reality, the firm had its installation process down to a science. That formula included the right products and compatible parts. Zurn’s trench drains accelerated the process as a seamless system, ultimately allowing PTR to plug the pieces together, set it them place, and keep moving along.

“We pour a concrete pad about 15 inches by 4 inches thick, two pieces of rebar continuous through that,” said Josh Heinz, PTR Mechanical Field Foreman. “Then, we set the drain on the pad for the elevation we want to get. We use wedge anchors to hold it down to the pad, so it doesn’t go anywhere. We take another step of encasing the top of the drain down and concrete around the sides, so when the actual floor is poured, they’re getting the slope that we want to get. The Zurn trench drains are definitely the best drains I’ve worked with. Once you get the drains in place, you don’t have to worry about them anymore. They’re solid.”

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