Sprinklermatic and Zurn Bring Education to Fire Protection

Tracing the shoreline, towering over a sea of beach umbrellas, stands Miami’s architectural landscape. This metropolitan oasis is coined The Magic City due to its remarkable growth and rapid development through the decades. Today, Miami is practically as tall as it is wide. Buildings rise to meet the demand of flocking inhabitants.

Building Off Groundwork

As Florida’s trusted fire safety solutions provider, Sprinklermatic installs fire sprinkler systems in high-rise buildings, every day, building after building, floor by floor. But before a project even happens, Sprinklermatic lays the groundwork. It even boasts a full-fledged learning facility on site for staff to operate the equipment, as fire personnel would in real situations, and install systems, as they would out in the field.

“The old way of doing things, where the firefighter was the firefighter, and the contractor was the contractor; those days are gone. We install confidence in the community and life safety.”

– Tim O’Brien, Sprinklermatic Helper

Partnering for Fire Protection

High-rise buildings heighten the pressure even more. Zurn and Sprinklermatic work to be the answer before the call takes place. The manufacturer and contractor are having conversations with the pros. What’s working. What’s not. How can systems be smarter for the buildings and individuals using them. Florida’s fire personnel lend their voice from the design process to product education, and it’s making a difference.

“We started training ground fire teams on how to actually use our product in a real-world fire situation,” said Will Allgood, Zurn Director of Fire Protection. “They’ve never had that before – it was a missing part of our industry – and we’re filling that gap.”

Capacity to Change

“[Miami] has greater density, more population – people are moving here on a regular basis. These are super tall buildings,” explained O’Brien. “This is a new space, and Zurn has been very much at the front of that. We believe in Zurn’s product line because the people behind Zurn – the service, the training, and the capacity to change.”