Release Date: August 16, 2021

How Nonprofits Put Their Donations to Good Use

Just two months after ringing in 2020, we all hit pause in the face of a new pandemic. While many of us remained housebound, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics experienced a surge in activity. These nonprofit operations required additional supplies, personnel, equipment, and even space, seemingly overnight. It became a race against resources, not just the clock.

Many businesses nationwide stepped in to do their part, contributing meals for healthcare providers and funds for PPE. Zurn recognized its unique ability to mobilize these facilities beyond monetary donations. Instead of healthcare facilities searching and then purchasing what they needed, Zurn eliminated the middle step by getting the fixtures and technologies straight to the facilities. The company met with experts in the healthcare industry to determine which solutions would offer the greatest advantage—touchless fixtures, antimicrobial materials, etc.

Zurn ultimately pledged $1 million in Touchless Solutions to dozens of healthcare facilities in North America. With the support of countless reps, facility administrators across the United States and Canada applied for various touchless and antimicrobial restroom upgrades through Zurn’s online application. These nonprofits were able to back their handwashing best practices without affecting their budget, while also reassuring staff, patients and guests.

Just over a year later, here’s a look back at recipients who took part in the program.


Fast Response

“Rush Hospital isolated its COVID-19 patients in a specific wing. Through the donation, we installed Zurn touch-free faucets there. Fortunately, we’re seeing fewer patients today, but the donated products are without a doubt staying. The faucet and flush valve sensor activation provides peace of mind, on top of ease of use. Back when the situation was ‘full-on,’ we got exactly what we needed, because Zurn was able to provide the materials fast.”

Mick Bradford, Herkowski Stickler & Associates Sales Rep working with the Facility Manager at Rush Hospital, Bensonville, Ill.


Fewer Repairs

“One thing that doesn’t get talked about enough is the maintenance that comes with manual. From clogs to people flushing with their feet, it burdens our already stretched thin staff. Users don’t have to touch anything now, which impacts our sanitation efforts too.”

Paul Roadarmel, Facilities Manager at Mercy Health-St. Charles Hospital, Oregon, Ohio

Zurn Flush Valve

Easy Process

“Oh, my gosh, I couldn't have asked for an easier process. I submitted everything through the website and within 24 hours, everything was approved. I’d say it was probably one of the best experiences I've ever had.”

Greg Bailey, Mechanical Plumbing Contractor with TD Industries, Texas


Clean Restrooms

“I want our congregation to know that Zurn generously donated all of these products to us. And if there’s any way we can support or recognize the company in the future, we will. We are just so grateful for our clean, seamless restroom experience.”

Doug Barns, Facilities Manager at First Alliance Church, Erie, PA.

Customer Story : Faith Ministries

The bundle of products included sensor faucets, soap dispensers, flush valves and hand dryers and a select group of sinks made with antimicrobial copper-nickel alloy surfaces. 
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