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Polk Mechanical Runs Project like Clockwork with EZ1

Polk Mechanical Company wears many hard hats on its projects, providing both plumbing and mechanical services across commercial, industrial, maintenance and risk management. The firm leads in healthcare construction and continues to achieve outstanding growth with record-low incidents. That’s certainly not by accident.

Easier, Solution to Construction

Safety and quality are the cornerstones of every construction jobsite, especially when it comes to healthcare facilities. For the C. C. Young Vista Tower, a ten-story assisted living facility, Polk’s craftsmen and boots on the jobsite delivered the only standard they know – their best. Part of working up to that includes selection.

When you’re nearing two decades, you’ve experienced your fair share of solutions that actually cause a problem or two, whether it’s slowing things down or not cutting the mustard. Needless to say, Polk recognizes which plumbing solutions will make their job easier and leave a solid reputation behind. That’s why Polk went with Zurn’s EZ1 Self Leveling Drain.

“I think the Zurn EZ1 Self Leveling Drain is a revolutionary product. It’s cut down tremendous time – probably 75 percent in a total drain installation. Before we used to tie wires down to hold it versus just three screws. It’s just such a cleaner operation. EZ1 will change the plumbing industry in the future for the better.”

– Thomas Garrison, Polk Mechanical Contractor

Long-Term in No Time

The C. C. Young project took a span of four months. During that short span, Polk installed 50 cast iron EZ1 systems in no time with no extra trips to search for parts, no preassembly, and no rough-and-ready provisions or leveling post pour. Instead, the contractors installed the EZ1 drains with the protective cover already in place and the shim kit safe and sound underneath. Then, they simply poured the concrete over the system.

Once the crew was ready for post-pour adjustment, they knocked the concrete off the drain, unscrewed it, removed the protective cover, secured the shims, and screwed it back down in position. All of the parts were included right there and the contractors weren’t left cutting away a makeshift cover or realigning the slope.

“That was a whole lot faster than drains we’ve used in the past and it’s durable to last long after installation,” said Robert King, Polk Mechanical Contractor.