Release Date: May 07, 2015

Renowned Water Efficiency Expert, Bill Gauley, Praises Zurn for Bringing Low-Flow Innovations to the Carrier

Gauley Says the New Zurn High Efficiency Toilet and Carrier (HETC) System Represents a “Significant Advancement for the Acceptance of Low-Flow Systems"

ERIE, PA – One of the world’s foremost authorities on water efficiency says Zurn Water, LLC may have triggered a “watershed moment” for acceptance of low-flow toilets with the introduction of the Zurn High Efficiency Toilet and Carrier (HETC) System in January 2015.

Bill Gauley, PE and Principal of Gauley Associates Ltd. in Ontario, Canada, visited a Zurn facility in March 2015 to observe a demonstration of the new Zurn HETC system.

“Zurn’s new carrier system is designed to reduce energy losses as water transitions from the bowl to the drain piping, resulting in a significantly longer waste carry distance than other systems,” says Gauley. “This clearly is a significant advancement for acceptance of low-flow systems.”

Two decades ago, Gauley and a colleague co-developed the MaP (Maximum Performance) toilet testing methodology that is universally used in the industry around the world.  Bill is also a technical advisor to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense® program.

This new Zurn HETC system pairs together two new Zurn innovations: the Zurn EZCarry™ High Performance Carrier System and the Zurn EcoVantage® 1.1 gpf ZTR Sensor Wall Bowl System.

The Zurn EZCarry carrier boasts a hydraulically-optimized design – from water supply to waste line – that greatly reduces the chance of clogging, even for low-flow 1.1 gpf systems (a common concern in the commercial sector until now).

Third-party verified testing conducted in 2014 by Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) revealed the Zurn HETC system evacuates waste more than twice as far as industry-standard 1.28 gpf systems. The Zurn system retains the water-savings advantage of low-flow 1.1 gpf systems, using 31% less water than the federal maximum standard of 1.6 gpf.  This performance helps in achieving the LEED® 30% savings threshold.

In his visit to the Zurn facility, Gauley attributed the high performance of the Zurn HETC system to the re-engineering of the carrier that largely avoids the water flow changing direction or otherwise slowing down.

“The main energy savings feature incorporated in the new Zurn carrier is the use of a radius at the connection point between the carrier and the drain piping located behind the washroom wall,” Gauley explains. “Most carriers ‘T’ into the drain pipe. The new Zurn carrier curves in the direction of flow into the drain pipe so that when the waste from the toilet is discharged into the drain pipe, it is already essentially going in the proper direction. This means that very little of the waste initially travels upstream upon entering the drain pipe.”

Gauley gives credit to Zurn for taking a hard look at its own products and asking, “ ‘How can we make this better?’ You won’t find innovation until you go looking for it. I’m surprised that other manufacturers had not approached the carrier category the same way Zurn has.”

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