Release Date: April 19, 2015

Zurn Innovations in Water Efficiency Sustain its Observance of Earth Day 2015

ERIE, PA – Zurn Water, LLC is observing Earth Day 2015 by encouraging everyone to allow the latest innovations in engineered water solutions help them use less water.

Originating on April 22, 1970 this is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, celebrated each year on this day. Widely considered the birthday of the modern environmental movement, it follows exactly one month after World Water Day, which this year carried the theme, “Water and Sustainable Development.”

World Water Day was created by the United Nations in 1993 to spotlight a different issue each year that touches on the world’s management of one of its most precious resources.

Zurn has a long history of developing engineered water solutions that deliver water efficiency, perfectly aligning with the world’s current emphasis on identifying the best ways to manage water resources.

“People who own or manage buildings might be pleasantly surprised at how much water they can save by using the latest innovations in water-efficient technology,” says Robert Carter, Product Manager, Zurn. “The latest example of our engineered water solutions would be the January launch of the Zurn High Efficiency Toilet and Carrier system that makes it much more feasible to install low-flow systems while saving 30% water usage.”

For more information about the new Zurn HETC system

Zurn also has created a proactive education program with AIA-approved CEU courses on topics that include “Sustainable Restroom Design,” “Creating a Sanitary Water Environment,” and “Innovative Water Conservation Fixtures.” 

In addition, Zurn’s website offers a water usage calculator, a helpful tool for a design team to compare the efficiency of water fixture systems and make the appropriate specification

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