Release Date: July 30, 2018

Zurn Launches Complete Line of Fire Protection Solutions

Milwaukee, WI - Zurn Water, LLC will release its first wave of new products from the Fire Protection portfolio this month. The complete product line covers backflow preventers, fire valves, shut-off valves, pressure relief valves, automatic control valves and in-building risers. The manufacturer will offer 35 new SKUs this first launch, including additional fire valves (hose valves and restricting hose valves), test and drain valves, additional shut-off valves (powerball butterfly valve) and commercial risers.

“Fire protection isn’t a new segment for us,” explained Rick Fields, Zurn Director of Fire Protection. “But, we’ve certainly expanded since the release of our Pressure-Tru fire valve line in 1971. Currently, Zurn engineers and manufactures solutions across more than seven fire protection categories, spanning Zurn Wilkins backflows, ACVs and fire valves.”

“Having control of your fire protection system means having options,” continued Fields. “Customers were looking for a wider selection from our trusted brand. We made it happen by using time-tested and reliable components, the toughest materials and new technologies for added safety. There’s never a question of compliance, even if businesses are up against emerging codes. All products are inspected and backed by an industry-leading warranty.”

Zurn solved for the Fire Protection market product decades ago. In 1971, the manufacturer introduced the very first fire hose pressure reducing valve to be UL listed. The custom request came from the LA Fire Department. The department needed a PRV compatible with fire hose stand applications.

Today, Zurn focuses on water control, safety and conservation. Solutions include fire protection, drain systems, interceptors, finish plumbing, piping systems, and more. The manufacturer will continue to roll out new fire protection products and parts throughout the year and into 2019.

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Leslie McGowan
Marketing Communications