Release Date: August 03, 2020

Zurn Partners with TRAX Analytics

MILWAUKEE, WI – Zurn Water, LLC is pleased to announce its partnership with TRAX Analytics. Zurn will integrate its real-time plumbSMART™ capabilities with TRAX Analytics. The company is looking to deliver the total smart restroom to its demand customers, especially airport custodial and maintenance teams.

“Zurn’s mission aligns seamlessly with the mission of TRAX to provide our clients with a complete Smart Restroom and a truly Connected Facility,” said Tracy Davis, President, and CEO of TRAX Analytics. “A partnership with Zurn not only strengthens our TRAX platform by incorporating pertinent data collected by the plumbSMART solution, but it allows TRAX to further expand its offering to our growing client base.”

“Airport restrooms see high traffic daily and require extra attention to ensure an optimally performing clean environment for users,” says Tony Wilcox, Zurn Vice President, Digital Solutions & National Account Sales. “We took our plumbSMART insights a step further by partnering with TRAX Analytics. Now, maintenance teams can pinpoint non-peak hours for upkeep, such as cleaning and part swaps. They know when to perform tasks and exactly what needs to be done thanks to the machine learning and uncovered trends. We are developing and partnering smarter, so everyone experiences better.”

TRAX Analytics software manages custodial activity, measures performance, and tracks compliance by allowing tasks to be entered into the system. Maintenance teams get real-time service alerts and inventory tracking. With the addition of plumbSMART, powered by Zurn, customers receive data they can act on, include handwashing scores, leak detection, and preventative maintenance insights.


TRAX Analytics, LLC. is a leading provider in innovative smart solutions for enterprises, facilities and restrooms. The platform uses sensors, APIs, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide predictive, real-time and historical data analysis to better manage and improve facility cleanliness and custodial operations. TRAX Analytics' smart technology provides real-time notifications and information that corrects and solves problems on demand.

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