Release Date: July 19, 2015

Zurn Takes Proactive Approach to Enhance Water Safety with Launch of Lead-free Hydrants Series

ERIE, PA – Zurn Industries, LLC unveils a versatile series of Lead-free Hydrants to protect water sources which may inadvertently be used as a potable water source and may contain lead. 

The new Zurn Lead-Free Hydrants protect against lead contamination in outdoor spaces such as, marinas, RV parks/campgrounds, festivals, amusement parks, and any other hydrant installation.

Zurn’s broad offering of hydrants include ceramic disc technology with convenient half-turn functionality and integral backflow preventer to protect potable water from back siphonage. This specification grade hydrant eliminates leaks and features long-lasting durability and low maintenance. The specially designed housing flange enables watertight installation and a secure fit.

Additional benefits within the Lead-Free Hydrant series include labor savings with the –EZ hydrants, allowing core-drilling to eliminate costly rework to damaged walls, as well as the hydrant box deigned to fit one modular brick space for a time saving installation.

“Zurn decided that to achieve real water safety, eliminating exposure to lead in only potable water isn’t enough,” says Bill Verdecchia, Product Director of Zurn. “This series of new lead-free hydrants provides another measure of protection for everyone and it anticipates future lead-free legislation that likely will mandate what we are offering building owners today.”

The new series of Zurn Lead-free Hydrants includes the following models:

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