Proven EZ Gear Technology

When it comes to lasting, performance leads the way. The EZ Gear Sensor Flush Valve and Faucets harness technology from our three proven solutions: EZ Flush®, AquaSpec®, and GO BLUE®.

We combined the dual action of the motor-gear operation from our EZ Flush Sensor Units and ceramic disc cartridge from our AquaSpec® Faucets to deliver our new EZ Gear Technology. Next, we integrated our tough and resistant GO Blue® diaphragm gaskets and seals for added reliability. The result? The next generation of the sensor solutions.

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EZ Flush® paved the way as the preferred solution in the commercial restroom for two decades. Our engineering eliminates solenoids and reduces moving parts in the waterway. Today, the EZ Gear Sensor Flush Valve delivers consistent, optimized results thanks to the same motorized gear-driven operation.

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The ceramic disc cartridge keeps our EZ Gear Technology going, flush after flush. It’s the pulse of our AquaSpec® Faucet line, and withstands corrosive environments and wear over time. We tested to make sure. You can count on it lasting up to 1,00,000 cycles.

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GO BLUE® adds to its longevity too—performing 8 to 10 times longer than traditional rubber parts. The TPE-constructed diaphragm, gaskets and seals resist chemicals and avoid leaks and inconsistent flush volumes from deterioration. That way, you’re not paying for users double flushing or frequent maintenance. Looks remain on par with performance. The heavy-duty brass body with chrome finish retains its luster for your modern restroom.

Count on Lasting for Commercial Restrooms

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