EZ1 Time Saving Drain

It's about time

Contractors have waited long enough for a floor drain that’s easy to install and built for the long haul. Zurn’s EZ1–available in cast iron and plastic–comes out of the box ready to install, allows for post-pour adjustment with an integrated strainer, provides job-site flexibility and maintains ongoing reliability. Don’t hesitate. Make the EZ choice.

EZ1 Drain

A Speedy Setup

No more running back to your truck to finish up your installation. Sold complete and ready to install, EZ1 is an intuitive product that saves contractors time and money. We’ve gone the extra mile to spare you a step or two with a system that’s user friendly and–compared to similar products–simple to integrate.

EZ1 Drain Durability

Long-Term Durability

Whether Cast Iron or Plastic, EZ1 is crafted to stand up against wear and tear over the product’s lifecycle. It continues the Zurn tradition of adding value, building trust through superior knowledge, reducing difficulty and placing the customer first.

EZ1 Drain Clockwork


EZ1’s integrated engineering, which includes an easy post-pour adjustment and tilt accessory package, delivers high-level functionality and requires minimal skill to install or maintain. Unlike our competitors, EZ1’s strainer is built into the assembly and lifts with the rough-in cover to ease contractor labor.

Specification Sheets

EZ1 Drain

EZ1 Drain

Engineered in Cast iron or plastic to simplify product installation, the EZ1 Drain has integrated post pour adjustment, and pre-packaged shims for tilt correction. Discover how this new technology enhances the Z415 drain that you have trusted on the jobsite for over 100 years

Z1072 – ZShield™

Discover the paired performance of the ZShield™ and EZ1™ Technology. The ZShield™ minimizes the rate of evaporation of the trap seal, and prevents odors, gases, and insects from entering up through the drain.
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We've Got You Covered

It’s the little things that can make the most impact, and it’s all right here.  This cover not only offers quick instructions, it also houses the tilt shims and hardware underneath.  Supplying you with all the tools you need in one location.

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