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Filamat Composites manufactures fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products and custom-engineered composite solutions. Product Lines are engineered and manufactured for Water-Fat-Oil-Grease Separation, Wastewater & Odour Treatment, Corrosive Fumes Ducting, Chemical Storage, Fluid Pumping Stations & Filtration, Mixing Tanks, FRP Piping, Mine Tailing Barges and Custom OEM products.

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Storage Tank

Slider Image 600x400 - Pump Station 1

Pump Station

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Slider Image 600x400 - Pump Station

Pump Station

Slider Image 600x400 - Expressway Drainage

Expresssway Drainage Pipe

Slider Image 600x400 - Proceptor 1

Proceptorâ„¢ Grease Interceptor

Slider Image 600x400 - Proceptor 2

Proceptorâ„¢ Grease Interceptor

Slider Image 600x400 - Round Ducting

Round Ducting

Slider Image 600x400 - High Rate Pool Sand Filter

High Rate Pool Sand Filter

Body Image 330x330 - Chemical Storage Tank

Tank Series

Filamat can fabricate FRP tanks up to 12 feet in diameter using our standard tooling. Customized design options are configurable to suit users’ needs and product specifications. Our tanks feature superb corrosion resistance and long product life. FRP tanks are fabricated using premium resins. Filamat offers complete structural design and fabrication of various sizes and shapes of FRP vessels and specialized equipment for a variety of applications. A variety of structural and environmental load conditions are addressed including seismic and high wind stresses/pressures for above and below ground applications. This applies to not only our tanks but our pipe and duct as well.

Body Image 330x330 - Air Distribution Duct

Pipe & Duct Series

The FRP pipe and duct fabrication process includes hand layup or filament winding. Our standard tooling is capable of creating pipe and duct with diameters ranging from 1 inch to 12 feet.

Here is a summary of our pipe and duct capabilities:

  • Fabrication process: Filament Wound or Hand Layup
  • Fabrication of various shapes including round, rectangular, square and custom
  • Customized design options that are configurable to suit users’ needs and product specifications
  • Engineered for vacuum and pressure stresses
  • Fabricated using premium resins.
  • UV inhibitor available
  • Class 1 flame spread rating of less than 25 as per ASTM E-84
  • Fittings as required

World Class Engineering & Manufacturing ISO9001:2015 Quality Assurance

Body Image 960x411 - Pump Station Model
Body Image 330x330 - Filament Winding

Manufacturing Processes:

  1. Filament Winding
  2. Vacuum Infusion
  3. Chopping
  4. Hand Layup

Zurn Building


Delivering top-quality OEM FRP products requires a comprehensive set of complex skills – quality control, on-time delivery, and world-class engineering & manufacturing.

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance and management system is a defined process covering all key manufacturing processes. This platform ensures we deliver products that consistently conform to our customers’ requirements and certification standards.

We have the expertise; the resources and support to ensure we consistently manufacture and deliver high quality custom FRP products. We back this up with a 95% service metric for on-time delivery – a world class metric that few OEM manufacturers in any business can match.

Our experienced team of professional engineers model, prototype, design and fabricate solutions to industrial challenges. Engineers work closely with our customers to determine their requirements and/or design specifications, finalize the design, materials and manufacturing process to best produce their products. We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with practical and cost-efficient ways to answer industrial challenges.

Success in manufacturing is closely connected to place and process. Our modern 40,000 square-foot manufacturing facility and a broad spectrum of FRP capabilities equip us to simultaneously handle a multitude of complex projects. We do this in a safe, clean environment, meeting and exceeding strict health, safety and environmental standards.


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