Connected Flood Control System

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Your backflow preventer keeps the potable water safe – that’s its job and an important one. Here’s the plot twist. If debris lodges in one of the checks, you could have water flooding in your building. Zurn Wilkins Connected Flood Control System alerts you in real time, so you can respond before there’s ever a real problem.

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Stay Focused on Tasks Ahead

With the Connected Flood Control System, you’re not keeping an eye on your backflow; it’s looking out for you. Enroll in text or email notifications around your operation. You can also invite staff to manage the system while still controlling access privileges.

Sensor detects minute openings of relief valve and instantly calculates discharge flow rate and volume

System automatically shuts off water if relief discharge is beyond set tolerances to prevent catastrophic flooding

Zone pressure sensor monitors system and provides alerts you when the pressure deviates from desired range


Alerts Your WaY

You know what’s normal for your backflow preventer. Set parameters for warnings and severe alerts, including water shutoff based on the needs of your specific building or system.

  • Single relief valve discharge volume (gallons):
    Warnings and Severe Alerts (with ACV shut-off)
  • Daily relief valve discharge volume (gallons):
    Warnings and Severe Alerts (with ACV shut-off)
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View the status and performance history of your backflow preventer from our secure portal, plumbSMART™, no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing. Once your product is registered, log in to view a snapshot of your system and dive deeper into data trends.

The more you know, the more you can predict and the faster you can respond.

  • Wireless monitoring of relief valve and zone pressure
  • Automatic water shutoff at severe relief valve discharge
  • Real-time notifications via email and/or text
  • Secure 24/7 remote access to plumbSMART™ for further product insights

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