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Saving Contractors Time and Money Every Step of the Way

Zurn guides contractors through every step of the building construction lifecycle — Plan, Design, Build, and Support — to take waste out of the process and maximize results.

Plan, Design, Build and Support: the four phases of the construction process through which Zurn provides customers with supporting services, design assistance and labor saving products to save commercial and industrial construction customers time and labor on every project.

Zurn will help plan projects big and small to facilitate a fast, accurate process. Our guidance through the design phase will help optimize product selection. We’ll expedite and improve your overall build by suggesting high-quality products designed to save time and money on installation. Zurn stands behind every product and service with industry leading support and product warranties for peace of mind.Contact Zurn’s Customer Care team today and learn about our labor-saving products and services.

Accelerating Your Lean Construction Projects

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The Proactive Path

As you begin the planning process, consider proactively reaching out to Zurn to make the most of your labor-saving opportunities. Zurn.com offers comprehensive, user-friendly tools and resources, including a full product library for BIM/3D models, installation instructions, operations and maintenance manuals, specification writing tools, labor-saving calculators and more. You’ll also find our Time & Motion Study content beneficial, which compares traditional installations against the improved, labor-saving method using Zurn products.  Reach out to your local Zurn representative to begin planning for your next project today.


The Big Choices

Be sure to involve your Zurn representative and the Zurn Application Engineering Team during the design phase. We’ll provide support on system designs for linear drainage, siphonic drainage, PEX radiant and plumbing systems, as well as pre-fabrication carrier bank designs. The Application Engineering team can also assist with custom product designs, should the need arise.  Our engineers and contractor specialists are experts in product selection and pre-fabrication processes—all areas in which Zurn can save time, making a big impact on job profitability.


We'll Make It Better

The Build phase is often the most significant area of impact for contractor profitability. With many of our innovations based on feedback provided by contractors, we’ve taken insight from industry experts to heart. We’ve also developed a Contractor Advisory Council that meets on a bi-annual basis to discuss products, pain points, and ideas to continually improve our products and services.  Our labor saving products can save significant time and money on new constructions and retrofit installations, providing contractors a competitive edge and increasing their chances of securing future opportunities.

Whether you prefer your material in bulk pack out or staged shipments, we’ll have it shipped where you need it, when you need it and how you want it to arrive.


We're Here to Stay

Zurn supports every installed system with a product warranty to give contractors and building owners peace of mind after the final installation. Our Sales Representatives, Customer Care team members, and Application Engineers work seamlessly to ensure satisfaction, and if necessary, speedy issue resolution. Combined with the largest breadth of products in the industry, Zurn is your single point of contact for technical support.

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