Connected Flush Valves


Feel like maintenance can be a guessing game? Stop wasting time with premature replacements and water with avoidable leaks and activations. Zurn Connected Flush Valves give you insights in real time, so you’re in control of your clean, high-performing restroom.

Master Spec

Touchless activation flushes with accuracy and timing

Master Spec

Order parts and enhance performance from a single portal

Master Spec

Uncover ways to reduce water consumption and prevent ghost activations

Master Spec

Monitor your restroom and set alert parameters and team permissions

CHOOSE YOUR Connected Flush Valve

Want to speed up installation or sidestep battery replacements? Make a power play based on your individual operation.



Don’t get tied down by wiring during install. Battery-operated Zurn Connected Flush Valves reduce steps to get started and energy costs 30% over time. Unlike other solutions, the battery lifespan lasts 3-4 years, so you’re not constantly swapping them out of your fixtures.


Rely on Hardwire for Heavy Use

Hardwire solutions outperform in high-traffic restrooms. This option handles constant use and eliminates frequent battery replacements and maintenance over time.

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Retrofit What’s in Your Restroom

Simplify your upgrade by retrofitting your current solutions in the stall. You can connect any existing fixture—battery or hardwire operated–to gain smart capabilities in less steps.

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stay in control

No more assumptions or playing it by ear. You’ll know more about water consumption trends, peak hours, and exactly when it’s time to replace a part or make a small repair. That way, you can schedule cleaning and service when it’s needed and avoid bigger problems.

Want more visibility for more predictability?

  • Wireless monitoring of flush valve actuations and water consumption
  • Customizable alert parameters
  • Real-time notifications via email and/or text
  • Secure 24/7 remote access to plumbSMART™ for further product insights

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