Smart Products for Improved Efficiency and Uptime

Don’t guess — know. Real-time data from Zurn Smart Products means knowing where the problems are before they start. Anticipate system needs, understand usage, save time and money and keep spaces clean and ready.




Are labor shortages causing delays or backlogs in your plumbing work?

Create smarter maintenance schedules.

Could you improve water conservation with a deeper understanding of your water usage?

Know where, when and how water is being used.

Want to get more life from your restroom fixture batteries and reduce routine maintenance?

Replace guesses with real-time data.

Is not knowing your interceptor level costing money and risking overflow?

Visibility into level data increases efficiency.

Water Safety Control

Monitor and automate line flushing remotely to support water safety measures, including legionella control, while providing data and documentation.

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line flushing Water Safety Control
Flush Valve Battery Alert

Maintenance Efficiencies

Low-battery and end-of-life alerts replace guesswork with real-time data, preventing over-ordering and saving money on consumable and labor costs.

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Water-Saving Opportunities

Know where, when and how water is being used to determine new opportunities for conservation.

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Water Saving Gallons Stat
Faucet Status Info

Labor Optimization

Monitoring real-time faucet and flush valve status and automating tasks means facilities can be more proactive and reduce unnecessary trips.

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Reduce Premature Cleanouts

Smart interceptor products improve pumping efficiency and reduce the cost of early cleanouts.

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Customer Success Stories

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September 2, 2022

Improve Water Conservation by Knowing Where, When and How Water is Being Used

You can’t save water if you don’t know how you are using it. That’s become a common starting point for water conservation at universities and colleges across the country. At one southeastern state university, administrators weren’t satisfied with after-the-fact water bill data or the option to install water meters in every building on campus. They wanted a deeper understanding of water usage to steer their water conservation initiative, and Zurn Elkay smart restroom products provided the solution.
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October 6, 2022

Replace Guesses With Data to Reduce Routine Maintenance

The restroom experience on campus has an effect on student satisfaction and a university’s reputation, and is an indicator of overall campus quality standards. At one central state university, maintenance teams routinely changed the battery in every faucet and flush valve on campus twice a year to prevent restroom downtime and reduce changeout work orders.
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November 18, 2022

Creating Smarter Maintenance Schedules with Smart Restroom Products

Labor shortages have hit university maintenance teams hard, causing delays and backlogs in their plumbing work. However, one southern university has found a solution. With Zurn Elkay smart restroom products, they’re able to send staff where they’re needed most.

Upgrades To Fit Everyone's Needs

Smarter Schools

Smart products help facility managers remotely monitor faucets and flush valves, which helps ensure restrooms are working when they're needed. Real-time data means schools can be proactive about maintenance and supply costs.

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