Sundara™ Handwashing System


Influenced by architects and crafted by audacious industrial designers, Sundara – a Sanskrit term meaning “beautiful” – is a bold approach to the handwashing system. We've unified seamless countertops, basins, faucets and soap dispensers for a modern concept that elevates the restroom experience through a combination of style and substance.

Sundara Basin Carrier

Sundara's performance stems from Zurn One: a system that streamlines the restroom ecosystem through a single-source manufacturer. Because Zurn develops all of Sundara's fixture components, we are able to reduce installation time, increase effectiveness and maintain reliability.

Architects Planning Restroom

Sundara is the culmination of more than 10,000 research hours, 150 architect interviews and 26 trial prototypes. We asked questions, learned lessons and put that knowledge to work. The result? The most user-friendly, design-forward hand washing product on the market today.

Sundara Handwashing System with Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Sundara enables designers to breathe new life into a space that is often overlooked. Its modern lines, minimalistic drains, fashionable faucets, sophisticated soap dispensers and refined ergonomic features deliver charming–yet useful–touches.

"Sundara systems are different because they bring a harmonized, clean look to the commercial restroom. These unique lavatory platforms will open architects’ minds to new design possibilities."

David Rotman, Rotman Architecture

Sundara Drift Handwashing System

Sundara Drift

The Sundara Drift presents an organic design in a contemporary form with a sweeping basin and soft transition to the integral backsplash. Sundara Drift paired with its sleek wall mount faucet and soap dispenser creates a clean contemporary aesthetic.
Sundara Inlet

Sundara Inlet

Fluid and flawless, Sundara Inlet is a conduit to style and substance. Water stays contained within the sweeping, deep-set basin for a pleasant user experience and easy maintenance.
Sundara Reef Handwashing System

Sundara Reef

The Sundara Reef lavatory offers a timeless design for commercial restrooms with a wide opening, gently sweeping basin and a broad back shelf for personal item storage.
Sundara Surf

Sundara Surf

Bold, yet effortless, Sundara Surf takes on the restroom design with sloping lines and a wide basin. It gives users personal space and operates with the wave of a hand. Pairs with our stainless steel shrouds to conceal the plumbing and complete the look.
Sundara Tide

Sundara Tide

Sundara Tide presents an organic design in a contemporary form with a sweeping basin and smoothly rounded corners. Paired with Zurn’s new deck-mount sensor faucet and soap dispenser, Tide provides an exceptional design for educational environments.