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Zurn makes it easy to protect your water and keep your food service facility running smoothly by providing solutions that exceed industry standards and minimize operational costs.

Serving the Restaurant industry

Water comes in—an essential component for food preparation. Water goes out—an essential vehicle for waste, grease and debris. Maintaining this process is immensely important, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. 

Zurn keeps restaurants safe and clean with industry-compliant, low-maintenance, durable products. We deliver stainless steel floor sinks that are easy to clean and sanitize; backflow protection for carbonated beverage machines; grease interceptors that protect drain lines; and faucets that you don’t have to touch. It’s a system that increases uptime, reduces lifecycle cost and minimizes maintenance requirements. Turn to Zurn for stability, safety and increased building uptime.

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"out of Order" No More

Restroom downtime is, to say the least, inconvenient for your customers. If you only have one restroom, it’s even worse. That’s why Zurn has partnered with several nationwide fast food chains to provide products that keep their facilities running, which keep their businesses profitable.  Our hygienic, sensor-operated flush valves and faucets are dependable and durable. Our AquaVantage® flush valves utilize Go Blue® long life wear parts, which last 8-10 times longer than competing marketplace products. Reduced maintenance, less hassle, lower lifetime operational costs.


Put Contamination on Ice

Sugar isn’t the only thing to worry about inside that soda machine. When the mixture’s carbon dioxide backflows into the fixture’s copper piping, it reacts to produce copper sulfide —a toxin that results in severe illness when ingested. Zurn’s carbonated beverage backflow preventer prevents this from occurring and keeps your beverages safe.

Zurn Flush Valve

Stop the Clogs

In the kitchen, fewer word pairings are scarier than “Grease Clog.” Zurn’s grease and oil interceptors prevent nasty drain line backups, which lead to exasperating fines, expensive repairs and extensive damage to sewers and the environment. Plumbing code approved in Canada and the US, and backed by industry-leading warranties.

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