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Zurn offers a complete line of vitreous fixtures that, when paired with our flush valves and faucets, offer high-performance water-saving solutions. In addition, these products are designed to meet or exceed national standards, such CalGreen® or LEED®.

LEED provides building owners and operators the tools they need to immediately impact their building’s performance and bottom line while providing healthy indoor spaces for a building’s occupants. In addition, Zurn Omni-Flo™ urinals provide 87% water consumption savings over traditional 1.0gpf, urinals helping exceed the LEED 30% threshold.

Sustaining our Survival

Efficient, effective and easy on the Earth. At Zurn, sustainable plumbing solutions are more than just an initiative; they are a commitment to preserving our natural resources, while creating innovative products that help build a better world.

Water is our most precious resource. 100% of humans need it for survival, but only 1% of the world’s supply is fit for consumption. As demand increases, resource management needs to respond accordingly. 

Zurn emphasizes water conservation to take the edge off global strain, ease utility costs and expedite regulation compliance. We understand that as household, industrial and municipal needs continue to rise, it is our responsibility to rise to the challenge. That is why Zurn has partnered with the EPA WaterSense® program, Milwaukee Water Council, UN Global Compact and other organizations to help build a sustainable water future.  Look to our programs, people and products to provide the answers to your most pressing plumbing questions.


Efficiency made easy

To relieve water demands, municipalities are offering rebate programs to help replace inefficient plumbing fixtures with water-saving products.  Unfortunately, red tape prevents many building owners from cashing in on these funds. Zurn is here to change that by guiding customers through the steps. Our turnkey services audit a building’s water usage and our rebates program offers assistance with finding and applying for incentives

Zurn was able to provide complete turnkey services for a multi-building customer by completing audits of 60 on-site campus buildings.  After analyzing the audit findings, Zurn not only provided ROIs for each building, but exceeded our customer’s expectations by completing and submitting rebate applications for more than $45K.

Zurn 1.1 GPF Flush Valve

Conservation Without Sacrifice

Zurn has proven that performance doesn’t have to be sacrificed for efficiency. We prioritize water conservation through design, innovation and a range of products engineered to use as little water as necessary. Our products can help you achieve LEED Certification with an efficiency-minded, performance-based water system.

Zurn is the only manufacturer to offer a high-efficiency carrier and a 1.1 gpf toilet system. With 31% water consumption savings over traditional 1.6 gpf toilet systems, we deliver an industry-leading line carry that no other manufacturer can match.

For example, Norfolk Naval Base—the world’s largest naval base—asked Zurn for samples of our waterless urinal so they could select the best option to retrofit several hundred units on the base. Listening to their needs, we felt our Pint® urinal would be the best fit to achieve their objectives. They agreed, and it was selected as the product of choice for their massive renovation. As a result, the base reduced their water usage by 87%.

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