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With the addition of our complete Expansion PEX System, Zurn is your singular source when it comes to all of your commercial and residential PEX needs. You won’t just get the job done your way – you’ll know it’s done right – with visual installation and an intuitive connection that eliminates dry fitting (and the potential for leaks).



For nearly four decades, Zurn has been the leader in ASTM F1807 crimp piping systems, offering a comprehensive line of lead-free brass and CR Polymer corrosion resistant plastic fittings from 3/8" to 2".

With the addition of our ASTM F1960 Expansion product line, Zurn now provides the most comprehensive offering of PEX products. Our PEX pipe, a standard in the industry for years, is third-party certified for use with both F1807 crimp and F1960 expansion fittings and accessories.


F1960 Expansion Fittings and Rings

Available in both lead-free brass and high strength corrosion resistant polymer, in sizes 1/2" through 2", we offer a patent pending line of expansion rings and a full line of tees, elbows, couplings, adapters, stub ells, test plugs, valves, and multi-port fittings.

Our pipe and fittings are third-party certified to perform up to the strictest requirements. Since our system is manufactured to the ASTM F1960 standard, your current F1960 expansion tool is all you’ll need. Fewer expansions required means you can install faster.

Zurn Flush Valve


Zurn utilizes a patented variation of the silane method that produces the highest temperature/pressure resistance, flexibility, highest chlorine rating, extended UV resistance, colors and can be used with insert/crimp fittings as well as expansion fittings. Our products are engineered to perform in the toughest plumbing conditions and stand the test of time.

Sundara Basin Carrier

Our patented PEX formulation allows for us to build a PEX resin blend with the highest stabilizer package in the industry. Coupled with our F1960 fittings, our systems are designed and tested to stand up to the toughest of conditions. Due to this manufacturing flexibility, our products achieve the highest chlorine resistance rating defined by ASTM and up to 6 months of UV resistance.

Architects Planning Restroom

Strength in a plumbing system is measured in temperature and pressure resistance, not bending a tube back and forth until it breaks. While all commercially available PEX systems must pass very stringent ASTM requirements, Zurn’s PEX piping goes above and beyond due to our patented higher strength base resin material and cross-linking process.

Sundara Handwashing System with Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Strength and flexibility are a delicate balance when engineering a PEX product. The key is to develop a resin formulation that is high strength, yet flexible enough to be expanded and bent in a tight radius. Considering that our PEX can be bent as tightly as any PEX on the market and it is expandable, we believe we have achieved the optimal balance.

"Zurn’s Expansion PEX System gives contractors the flexibility to choose between either crimp or expansion fittings to work in tandem with our trusted PEX pipe – ultimately delivering a smarter solution. But it goes well beyond contractor preference, its less tools and parts to lug around, more intuitive capabilities during the installation process, and serious durability in both engineering and materials. Zurn Expansion PEX helps contractors get the job done right, saving time and money every step of the way."

Patrick Sauer, Director of Residential Plumbing at Zurn

Zurn Building

Backed by an industry-leading 25-year warranty

Quarter of a century – that’s longer than the lifespan of most products and that’s our guarantee for lasting performance. When you select a Zurn PEX product, you know you’re getting the lowest ongoing maintenance costs and the highest return on investment. Our warranty even covers reimbursement for reasonable repair or replacement charges, including drywall, painting, or damages to premises within which the product is installed, due to product leak or failure. It’s just another way we keep our word and quality intact.

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