The Z1185 Lint Interceptor has an acid resistant coated interior and exterior fabricated steel, with non-skid secured cover that has a removable lift handle. This Lint Interceptor come with aluminum intercepting secondary screen assembly, and permanent primary straining baffle with 3/8" diameter perforated holes.

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Features And Benefits

  • Acid resistant coated fabricated steel
  • Primary and secondary screens
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Can Zurn offer a heavy duty cover for the Z1185?

  • Yes, we can offer a heavy duty cover with safe live load of 10,000 lbs.  Please contact Zurn Engineering for more information.​

What size are the openings on the primary straining baffle and secondary screen assembly for the Z1185 Lint Interceptor?

  • The primary straining baffle has 3/8" diameter perforated holes, and the secondary screen assembly has 3/32" square openings.
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