RK114-375 - Repair Kit

Check Repair Kit, 1-1/4" - 2" 375XL and 375 used with RK114-375. Kit contains O-Ring, Ball Valve (x2),O-Ring, Sleeve/#1 Seat (x2), Seat #1, Spring #1, Spring Retainer #1, Bolt, Seat (x2), Seal Retainer (x2),Seal Washer (x2), Poppet (x2), O-Ring, #2 Seat, Seat #2, Spring #2, Spring Retainer #2, Seal Washer, Relief Valve, Seal Retainer, Relief Valve, O-Ring, Relief Valve, O-Ring, Sensing Port (x2), Seat, Relief Valve, Spring Guide, Relief Valve, Spring, Relief Valve, Diaphragm, Plunger, Relief Valve, O-Ring, Plunger, O-Ring, Relief Valve Cover, and Spacer, #1.

Products Using This Part

375XL, 375
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