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ZGW-LORA-W1-ETH - Zurn Gateway (LoRa Gen 1 Ethernet)

Similar to the Wi-Fi modem in your home or office, the Zurn Gateway connects all of your Zurn Connected Products securely to the Zurn Cloud via the internet. After receiving real-time data wirelessly from your Zurn Connected Products in the form of fully-encrypted LoRa message packets, the Zurn Gateway then transmits these messages to the Zurn Cloud via ethernet cable connection to your local area network (LAN).

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Features And Benefits

  • Supports a virtually unlimited number of Zurn Connected Products within its range (typically 1000-ft radius).
  • Simple plug-and-play installation.
  • Securely transmits encrypted data between Zurn Connected Products and Zurn Cloud
  • Designed to protect local area network (LAN) from unauthorized access through device
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