Grease Interceptor

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Grease Interceptor

Designed to withstand years of use in high-demand environments, Zurn’s GT2700 series interceptor ensures only clean water will flow into your plumbing. It traps grease inside the unit without risk of corrosion, clogging or cross contamination. If you run a restaurant or operate a commercial kitchen, this solution will keep grease from building up in your pipes and your business turning out quality service as usual.

  • Dura-coated fabricated steel construction prevents corrosion, extending product life under hard, high demand conditions.
  • Secured, slip resistant cover with center tie down assembly stops odors from escaping.
  • Flow diffusing baffle, integral trap, and external vented inlet flow control effectively separate grease.
  • PDI certification meets the most rigorous standards and environments.

This flow control device is required to be installed upstream of grease interceptors with 10-15 GPM flow rates, helping to vent the odors of the grease trap, regulate flow into the interceptor, and supply an air cushion to ensure proper separation in the interceptor.


This lock down bolt is a replacement part for the securing bolt in the center of a GT2700 grease interceptor cover.


This is a replacement cover only for the GT2700-50 Grease Interceptor

How many 6" extensions can be used for the GT2700?

  • ​For the ease of maintenance, Zurn recommends the use of no more than 2, 6" extensions on the grease interceptor.  Custom height extensions are available if a taller extension is needed.  Please contact customer service ( for more information.​​

What are the terms of the warranty of the GT2700 Grease Interceptor?

  • ​The GT2700 Series Grease Interceptors carry the standard Zurn one-year limited warranty which guarantees the product to be free from defects in material and factory workmanship for the term, effective from the original date of purchase.