12" Heavy-Duty Drain with Deep Sump


12" Heavy-Duty Drain with Deep Sump

The Zurn Z539 12" heavy-duty drain with deep sump comes with a Dura-Coated cast iron deep sump body with bottom outlet, seepage pan, and combination membrane flashing clamp and frame for a sediment bucket and heavy-duty slotted grate.

  • Dura-Coated cast iron body with cast iron, polished bronze, or polished nickel bronze top available
  • Provides installation and rework savings with Zurn’s patented contractor solutions

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Does Zurn offer a hinged, square grate option for the Z539?

  • Yes, by specifying the -H and -T options, Zurn can provide a hinged square top.

Does Zurn offer a stainless steel version of the Z539?

  • Zurn can offer a stainless steel veneer for the Z539.  This would give the drain a stainless steel appearance from the surface, but have cast iron components below.  Please contact Zurn Engineering for more information on this custom product.​

What is the slot opening size and the total open area for a Z539 grate?

  • The slots are 3/8" wide, and the total open area is 33 square inches.​