Body Assembly With “type B” Strainer

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Body Assembly With “type B” Strainer

As a Zurn patented contractor solution, our floor drains are designed as much for easy installation, as they are for tough performance. The combination invertible membrane clamp and adjustable collar offer jobsite flexibility to save time and costs. Once installed, the Z415B features a cast iron body for superior strength down the road. Meanwhile, the polished nickel bronze, light-duty strainer prevents buildup. From labor saving to long lasting, upgrade to our commercial floor drains for your next project.

  • Dura-Coated cast iron body with polished bronze, or polished nickel bronze top available
  • Provides installation and rework savings with Zurn's patented contractor solutions
  • Type B polished nickel bronze, light-duty strainer

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What is the flow rate of the Z415B?

  • Flow rate on any drain can be determined based on the head depth above the drain and the smallest open area between the outlet and grate.  Here is a calculator on the Zurn website that will help you to estimate flow for a drain: http://content.zurn.com/pages/technicalinformation/FloorDrains/FlowAreaCalc(PW).xls​

What material is the sediment bucket made from for the Z415 product series?

  • Z415 Product series buckets are made from perforated stainless steel with 1/4" openings.​

What size trap primer connections can be ordered on the Z415?

  • The standard trap primer size and most commonly used is 1/2".  In addition, Zurn also offers 3/4" when specified.

Why are the Z415 series strainers secured to the head assembly?

  • Securing a strainer / grate is done for two main reasons: 1.  It prevents the grate from easily being removed and stolen. 2.  It helps keep the grate in place when traffic moves across the grate.  Having the grate slide out of place can be dangerous and cause injuries.​