Z1315 Wall Hydrant Exposed, Non-Freeze

Z1315 Wall Hydrant Exposed, Non-Freeze

Wall Hydrant Exposed, Non-Freeze

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Features And Benefits

  • Non-freeze, automatic draining
  • Optional 3/4" and 1" hose connection
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Repair Parts

This hydrant repair kit contains the replaceable parts for maintenance in the field for the Z1305, Z1315, and the Z1325.  Kit includes Operating screw, O-Ring, Operating coupling, Washer, Key, Screw, and Removable Seat.

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Can replacement rods for the Z1315 Hydrant be ordered in lengths other than the 12" and 24" lengths listed on the replacement kits form?

  • The 12" and the 24" Replacement Rod Assemblies include a piece of all-thread rod that can be cut to any custom length to fit your Z1315 Wall Hydrant.  For example, if you have a hydrant with a 16" rod, you would order the 24" Replacement Rod, trim approximately 8" off of the rod, and then screw it into the opperating coupling.​
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