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Froet 100C - Dual Outlet Roof Drain

Bi-Functional Deep Sump Dual Outlet Roof Drain with Dome

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Features And Benefits

  • Bi-functional roof drain allows for connections for both primary and secondary piping within one roof penetration
  • Body is cast in a singular CI mold, no welded pieces, to reduce leak paths
  • Reduces the number of roof drains by combining primary and secondary drains into one
  • Powder coated cast iron deep sump body with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guard for heighted corrosion resistance
  • Overflow pipe comes standard at 6-1/4” height with 5-1/4” cast iron dome
  • 45 degree primary outlet connection for ease of piping installation
  • Availability for Low Profile and Ultra Low-Profile dome for 4” and 2” overflow pipe strainer height respectively
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